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This course can no longer be booked.

Group Meditation Course

Let's Heal Together!

Service Description

Hello World Changer, Did you know that 65% of Grandparents are raising their grandkids? My name is Shequila Roberts and I am founder of Determine Now (DN). We believe that when children have the support they need they will be more successful and happy. At DN we help children by investing in their family and community, whether that be their parents, grandparents, guardians, classrooms or neighborhoods. In the face of the constant change and stress brought on by the pandemic, it has become urgent to ensure that the families in our community, especially our seniors, have the support they need to care for the next generation. Let us help you and the children you support de-stress through a introductory 25-minute meditation session for any age group. Why meditation? -Proven to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or other dementias. -Increases energy and improve immune system functioning by reducing cortisol (the main stress hormone) -Reduces and controls blood pressure -Has a host of other benefits

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